18CS56 UNIX Programming Notes VTU CBCS Notes Question Papers 18CS56 MODULE 1 UNIX PROGRAMMING VTU NOTES by VTUnotesallsem.


Unix Components/Architecture. Features of Unix. The UNIX Environment and UNIX Structure, Posix and Single Unix specification. General features of Unix commands/ command structure. Command arguments and options. Basic Unix commands such as echo, printf, ls, who, date,passwd, cal, Combining commands. Meaning of Internal and external commands. The type command: knowing the type of a command and locating it. The root login. Becoming the super user: su command.

Unix files:

Naming files. Basic file types/categories. Organization of files. Hidden files. Standard directories. Parent child relationship. The home directory and the HOME variable. Reaching required files- the PATH variable, manipulating the PATH, Relative and absolute pathnames. Directory commands – pwd, cd, mkdir, rmdir commands. The dot (.) and double dots (..) notations to represent present and parent directories and their usage in relative path names. File related commands – cat, mv, rm, cp, wc and od commands.

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